I laughed while reading an explanation of how to develop a character’s voice when the author of the piece talked about how easy it could be when the person had an accent. Please. That is not a “voice”, that is an accent. No more than if you had an Irish accent that your writer’s “voice” would be Irish. Might be, but not because you have an accent.

Why should your characters, at least your lead characters, have a distinctive voice? It is as important as their dress, where they live, how they were raised, what they drive, how they drive… but stripped all those things their voice still exists. Their “voice” incorporates their physical voice and more. It betrays how they think, what they believe about themselves and because of this, what they believe about everyone else in the room.

Character Core Values

In the same way we would work to make the story’s environment real, the characters need that same positioning. You can accomplish this with their actions, physicality, and how they express themselves in words. If asked, could you do an impression of your character like you could with your best friend or close relative, acquaintances from work or your favorite barista? They all have

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