What is writing? Is it lots of words? Is it written in blood? Something that rhymes? Gateway to a movie deal? Anything you can read? Where does your writing start and how do you get started? Pen or pencil, quill or chalk, rolling writer, gel pen, BIC or sharp stick. The implement you choose should work best for you. Your paper can be in a spiral or tablet, ledger, chap book bound with twigs, lined, plain, or parchment. Again, it is what works for you. Some people fold their pages in half to force themselves to be concise. Laptop, digital tablet or desktop, heck I have even written on my phone when I had a good idea to get down. I love that my bluetooth keyboard works with both iPad and iPhone. Lot of buzz about formats: digital versus Digital 3.0 (writing by hand or by keyboard) or even by dictation. Most important

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