it’s writing time again. No point in reading through this. Write through it.

5 Minutes each node. Several nodes in each section. Say yes!


This is where work to back up overcoming resistance is done. How do you, once you make the choice, commit to a plan or project and evening out, or an 6 month adventure?

I make some plans. For me, rarely written, often played out in conversation and actions. I don’t need to see the making of the shopping list, instead show me someone shopping. Stories move forward when characters spend more time doing than talking or thinking. Perhaps commitment is displayed through scrubbing the shower floor for the first time in months, tearing up a poem, or making the difficult phone call/personal appearance.

The activity that shows my character has decided to move forward is shown when they…

Action Figures

Even a simple act of voting for the light rail can represent commitment. Because when a neighbor asks “how did you vote?” There is no escaping the public consequence of the private action. With commitment we may have a planned response and also have set aside time to create or attend community meetings to push/accelerate the idea forward. If you’re going into battle, this is where you load up on strategies/armor/troops.

I’m refreshing my skill set by…

You’ll know I’m on task when you see me…

I’m shopping for success when I buy…

I see them doing these exercises to…

Gearing Up

Making the choice, this shows resolve

Go shopping to outfit for the coming journey

-Normal shopping involves purchasing over-the-counter stuff and outfitting through regular channels

-Alternative outfitting involves stealing gear, buying from shady sources, midnight deals and compromise

Prepping for a presentation, trek, or skirmish underscores commitment. Double-down on the bet to show us more of your lead character’s resolve and nature.

Additional strategies and players may be brought into the light:

Supplies and suppliers – Armory or Home Depot.

Equipment choices and source backup education – Shiny tech or parent’s buried armor

Bring recruits to the cause – Invite them via friendship or dread threat or golden coin

Did you write? I hope so. It is how books get written.

Great thing about these exercises is you can do them over and/or you can do them for 10, 15, 30 minutes.

Do them in a way that works for you.

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