Set up to write. No point in reading through this. Write through it.

5 Minutes each node. Several nodes in each section. Go!

New Life

When new life arrives, wait a minute, what does “new life” look like? I think it is a marriage of commitment, deep change, and death of the old self. It looks like building a hotbox to start tomatoes early to get to crops, or a better producing single crop, it is planning to build from the ruin of what was. What was plus new life is the new level this is where we are. we are not back there, not going back there. You want to live in the past? Spend more time on Facebook.

A Road Less Travelled

And it happens, some characters will pull off the road to get gas, wash the windshield, check the oil, look at a map on the station wall and they will never return again to the journey of that road. The tributary they begin to explore, or ignore, is the end of that character’s growth. That’s fine. Pull out of the rat race, dump all the previous asserted goals and adopt a new set. That is a new life. May not be the basis of Terminator seven but that may also be the point. Somewhere, in all continuing stories/series with greater odds and more villainous villains, we have to scale it back down to a personal level.

Rebuilding the Wasteland

So the super-spy pulls off the road to perdition and takes a job washing dishes at the café. They reconfigure their plans based on this new life.

The storm rolled through and rearranged our familiar landscape. Now we rebuild.

Dig through the debris and salvage/repurpose what is found.

Assess the landscape against the map and plan that we had originally drawn

Did you write? I hope so. It is how books get written.

Great thing about these exercises is you can do them over and/or you can do them for 10, 15, 30 minutes.

Do them in a way that works for you.

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