Set up to write. No point in reading through this. Write through it.

5 Minutes each node. Several nodes in each section. Go!

Overcoming Resistance

It is within this section that our story exits the known world. There can be a laundry list of reasons why someone might move ahead to answer The Call to adventure. In the same way that people resist many people are called to participate.

Overcoming Resistance to change is a universal challenge: not in my backyard (NIMBY) groups push back against things they feel will change their neighborhood. It might be a new light rail line, a proposed homeless shelter, construction to upgrade the sewers, changing the look of bus stops… Change, unless you are the originator, is universally unwelcome.

Yet like in real life, people do want better transportation options and permanent storage for the criminally insane, they just don’t want it to impact or mess with their established dance. So how do we overcome resistance? We jump, perhaps succumb to logic, or we are pushed.

What finally won my character over was…

Under Pressure

This is a great place to allow the reader insight into your main character’s motivations and how supporting characters may or may not support them.

Arguments pro and con: where to they and their friend’s desires align or conflict?

Do they waffle or make bold moves? A bold mover may not be wise just as someone who appears to waffle may not be unsure.

What motivates them forward tells about what they value and who they value.

All my friends said…

It wasn’t the drink talking when she said…

I’ve been stuck in this town just like my dad, but now I…

I decided to green light the idea when I saw…

Action Figures

Challenge here is not just having a discussion to explain the reason your champion is green-lighting The Call.

When they decide to accept, are they visibly relieved?

Swelling with pride?

Frightened at the path ahead?

Oblivious to the real dangers?

In over their head?

Relishing the fight?

What physical happens for them? What can we see sitting across from them?

Try one of these simple entries to discover:

When s/he reaches agreement their breathing…

I could tell you said yes when you walked in because…

Saw them on the phone and could see…

She twists her hair when…

Did you write? I hope so. It is how books get written.

Great thing about these exercises is you can do them over and/or you can do them for 10, 15, 30 minutes.

Do them in a way that works for you.

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