Your Story’s Journey time map
Time Map for Sections Your Story's Read-timeframe is Unique

Time Map for Sections

Lots of times I make a drawing so I can see what I'm thinking about. And possibly free up my thought process. This one was to explore the relationship of time the reader might spend in each section of my book.

Not how much time I spend writing it, but how much of the book there is to read. It reminds me that even though "The Call" and "Deep Change" are given equal sections on the map, we don't spend the same amount of time with each.

The Call could be a simple as "Hey, you should join us, we're going out this Friday!"  The Deep Change may take a quarter of the book if it involves the lead extracting themselves from the steppes of Russia after being air freighted there as a prank.

Your Story's Read-timeframe is Unique

Remember, this is mine for grins and giggles only. I would encourage you to draw one up for your self. You could also use it like a mind map where your characters and actions are sketched in.