Bullets for Jerry

I need a goal, a challenge or a moving target to slap the corrosive sugar teat of modern life out of my mouth. Writing practice with a group is the glove thrown down in the path of everyday me. Animal instinct replaces my lost candy with a knife in the form of a writing implement.  Timed-writing tether-binds me to an unflinching enemy. Like orgasms, the small deaths I suffer at the hands of the timekeeper elevates my process and sweeps my mind clean of trivial pursuits.
I may walk in the cafe full of jokes, bathed in tie-dye and wind-blown wisps, or hidden behind a brittle thin smile, head shaved and cloaked in grey; for better or worse I have come to write. Showing up in front of these writers counts as a win in my book.

Mini Bio:

For 12 years Jerry has coordinated the Louisa’s writers group for Robert Ray and Jack Remick. He is a nationally certified Sustainable Building Advisor, an Accredited Practitioner with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), and the founder of WritingPractice.com (roadmap to writing your story). In a past life he was awarded best weekly column in a daily newspaper and successfully re-wrote part of the Nevada State constitution (to tax inmates) as he served almost 11 years for kidnapping and attempted bank robbery. Think twice if offers you a ride home.

Bullets for Jerry

  • Freed $23M for Nevada public schools by rewriting a section of the state constitution
  • 2007 Awarded National Certification, Sustainable Building Advisor from NaSBAP
  • Presenter at Real Conference 2000 main stage on interface design, marketing, privacy
  • Guest instructor for AIGA Link: Art Car Design and Production
  • Panel member for AIGA, ASMP, GAG, and SAF on negotiations, IP, and copyright
  • Seattle Central Community College Technical Advisory Committee (7 years)
  • Seattle Mayor’s Small Business of the Year nominee
  • Outstanding Small Business Award, American Lung Association
  • Gold Compass Award (community) and Compass Award (school), Art Institute of Seattle
  • Best Weekly Columnist in a Daily Newspaper, Nevada Press Association
  • 2009 Awarded LEED, AP in Building Design & New Construction

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August 7, 2016

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