Pretty on the outside. Messy on the inside.

Building Character

I laughed while reading an explanation of how to develop a character’s voice when the author of the piece talked about how easy it could be when the person had an accent. Please. That is not a “voice”, that is an accent. No more than if you had an Irish accent that...

How Writing Happens

There is just no way to get around it. You won’t produce without producing. Yes, you can dictate your words and have the computer type it up. But they have to go from somewhere inside your brain to somewhere on the page. That is the work.

Organize Your Stuff

What is writing? Is it lots of words? Is it written in blood? Something that rhymes? Gateway to a movie deal? Anything you can read? Where does your writing start and how do you get started? Pen or pencil, quill or chalk, rolling writer, gel pen, BIC or sharp stick....

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