Set up to write. No point in reading through this. Write through it.

5 Minutes each node. Several nodes in each section. Go!

New Rules

Not a place of comfort. Even though we kind of signed up for this it doesn’t feel right because there are new elements which trip us up.

We have gone shopping and made a schedule of events the push us across the map toward the agreed upon Goal…

This will be uncomfortable, like new clothes, shoes, hat, or new gloves. They feel new and we are disoriented and aware of them. New stuff changes your dance and can trip you up. New rules are yet to be integrated and leave you off balance.

That new rifle pulls to the right and kicks like a mule, takes different ammo, is heavy, is loud.

New bicycle has a hard seat, tricky gear shift, fat mud tires hate city streets and it uses a different lock system.

My new associate is rude in public, doesn’t brush their hair, wears flashy jewelry, farts in meetings, boasts rules are for cowards, wants too much compensation, has relationship issues, tells off-color jokes too loud.

This new tool gave me a blister, is hard on my wrist, noisier/heavier/more complicated than expected.

New Rules

Tell how your main character agreeing to accept the offer has changed their routine. Now they have to stop and think before they act. As alive people, they already had a full life, now they have to shoehorn in another set of rules and actions.

How about a quick 5 minute write on:

Before this, s/he spent their off-time playing…

Because they said “Yes” there is now no time for…

Didn’t want to do this in the first place, now…

Used to know what to expect, now it seems…

Ripple Effect

Nobody lives in a vacuum. Does you character have to stop mid-step and think about how the new rules apply? Do they fall into habit and then find themselves in the wrong position? Friends and other associates begin to question what is wrong with this person.

If your character was part of a football team, or any sports team, how would the new rules impact their ability to be the expected team member?

If your character has a habit (heroin, alcohol, sugar, sex, joking, bullying…) they have agreed to stop, how will that new condition affect their performance in their daily life and with those who know them as their old selves?

Start line: The biggest thing friends miss about his/her old self is…

Nobody can get used to the fact they…


Did you write? I hope so. It is how books get written.

Great thing about these exercises is you can do them over and/or you can do them for 10, 15, 30 minutes.

Do them in a way that works for you.

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